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Most Trappers are Conservationists Who Want a Solid Game Population

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / February 17, 2007

In regard to Thomas Roberts' Feb. 3 letter ("Until barbaric act of trapping is abolished, fight with action"): I appreciate reading the many different opinions in the letters to the editor, however I was dismayed to read that Roberts was encouraging breaking Alaska state laws that protect Alaskans (lawfully) trapping and living off the land.

Most trappers are also conservationists and want to keep a thriving game population in order to preserve their way of life. Most are also law-abiding citizens.

Unfortunately, what some call barbaric is a way of life for many Alaskans. Most Alaskans who live off the land by hunting, trapping, fishing and gathering hold no ill will toward those who choose to live a more industrial life, even though highways, shopping malls, factories, cities and general population growth do more to displace animal populations than any lawful trapping.

Let's hope that if any trappers catch someone out in the Bush cutting their snares or destroying their sets or traps that they are not as impetuous as Roberts and would abide by the laws and turn the lawbreaker in, rather than take the law into their own hands as Roberts' way of thinking would dictate.

---- Russell Randolph / Wasilla

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