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'Romeo the Wolf' Deserves Better Fate than Death or Displacement

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / February 16, 2007

Oh Romeo, lovely Romeo! Someone has cried wolf, and now the state has decided to protect us all. I find it extremely interesting that Romeo has not harmed any of the animals that he has encountered ("Big, bold wolf," Feb. 9). Has it occurred to anyone that this beautiful animal might not actually be a wild wolf? Perhaps he is a hybrid, or even a full wolf that was raised as a pet and then either escaped or was released to fend for himself.

Instead of killing or chasing this guy off, perhaps the best idea would be to catch him and offer him to a wolf rehab center or even the Alaska Zoo? Our "Big Wild Life" is surely not going to get a warm reception if the world finds out something evil has happened to him, even if he is in Juneau.

---- Laura Elizabeth O'Lacy / Anchorage


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