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Those Interacting with Juneau's Wolf Will Be to Blame When it Has to Die

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / February 15, 2007

Regarding the Juneau wolf ("Big, bold wolf," Feb. 9): This pug owner along with others have been befriending this wild creature. They are not only allowing their dogs to interact with it but touching it themselves. All along they are forgetting this is a wild "dog" with wild thoughts and instincts; it speaks a completely different language than we humans do, and one misunderstood body posture or movement is going to result in a bad situation.

Allowing the wolf to find a comfort area in domestic life is only allowing him to get to know his prey and food source better. The people involved in this situation are doing this poor creature an injustice by not allowing it to be free in its environment, and those against relocating it are wrong. The longer he remains there, the closer he is to his demise, and it will be the people's fault. What will they do if it kills a pet, bites a person -- better yet, a child? How angry will they be then, and who will shoot this crazed wolf (as it would then be known)?

This behavior angers me. We do enough to interfere with environments and the creatures that live in them. We can carve our own place in nature as all animals do, but we must have the wherewithal to know when we have gone too far.

---- Vickie Young


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