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Help Save Romeo

Letters / Juneau Empire / February 15, 2007

I've lived in Juneau for nine years. Since then, I've seen pictures of the white bear, heard stories of a white moose and now Juneau's very own celebrity, Romeo.
It fascinates me how some people can be so naive. Yes, he's a beautiful animal but he is also a wild animal. Just because he plays with your animals today doesn't mean he won't hunt and kill them tomorrow.

Unfortunately the only safe alternative for Romeo is to find him another home before someone kills him just for bragging rights. That would be a total shame. I think we, the people of Juneau, need to step up to the plate and take care of our beloved Romeo, because we have made him what he is today. I believe he can no longer function in a normal wild pack. Romeo needs to be given a better life than the one he has now. He obviously is looking for companionship. His pack was killed. His Juliet was hit by a taxi. Now he's lonely.

I've been in contact with several wolf sanctuaries. Peter Porter is director of The Wolf and Wild Canine Sanctuary Inc., which is a federally licensed educational sanctuary. He would like to help Romeo. The wolf would be able to live with other wolves and be apart of a program that educates people. I think that would be great because we, the people, have sealed his fate.

Let's stand together as proud Juneau residents and save our beloved Romeo. Contact everyone you know and have them send word to the media and Fish and Game that we would like Romeo not to be killed but given a new chance at life.

Brenda Carabajal / Juneau


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