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Names on Traps, Regulations and Rules Would Stop Senseless Killing

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / February 2, 2007

To add to Kneeland Taylor's letter ("Proposals would deal with problem of dogs dying in traps and snares," Jan. 24): Certainly trappers should behave responsibly. To ensure this, other occupations have rules that they have to follow. Unfortunately, the Board of Game has refused to regulate trapping in any meaningful way in the 40 years I've been here.

Anyone putting out a crab pot knows he has to have his name on it. This basic requirement does not apply to trappers. They don't have to mark their traplines or even check their traps. They don't have a setback from public use areas. Is it any wonder that so many people have become so angry? The more you see the more there is to not like.

A trapper where I live used to kill neighbors' dogs and cats if he caught them. Then he'd nail the body to a tree, slash the belly open and set traps around the feet. Right along public trails, where even kids could see them. All perfectly legal, and with no name on the traps there was nothing that anyone could do, not even when he didn't pull the trap after the end of the season, which he didn't. With no name there you'd be surprised how little incentive there is to pull them on time, to check them regularly, or anything else.

Do we really care that much more about our crabs than our furbearers?

---- Sally McGuire / Haines

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