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Slaughter of Wolves has to Stop

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / January 28, 2007

Once again the rather euphemistically titled "aerial hunting" has begun, and already 10 wolves have been systematically and senselessly murdered ("Wolf control starting slow," Jan. 22). Where is the science behind this savagery? Why must wolves have to pay with their lives because of man's mistreatment of the ecosystem? How come the governor, Alaska Department of Fish and Game and all other prominent decision-makers are so easily made to bend over backward for special interests?

Once again it is up to the residents of Alaska to actively pursue the truth in this matter. Don't believe any of the so-called hard science that your policymakers would have you digest. Slaughtering wolves won't make more caribou magically appear, and besides, shouldn't both species be considered part of the wondrous, natural beauty which people travel far and wide to witness?

Anyone who goes up in these planes and places his crosshairs on these elegant creatures cannot be considered a real hunter; actually, the word "coward" is the only fitting term in this scenario.

---- Jason Keedy / Bellingham, WA


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