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Wolf Pups Learn to Grow Up at Alaska Zoo

Jill Burke / KTUU-TV / January 22, 2007


Anchorage, Alaska - They may not look like pups, but six rambunctious wolves at the Alaska Zoo still have a lot of growing up to do.

The three brothers and three sisters were rescued from a den in McGrath last spring, and they are turning into quite an attraction. Zookeepers are working to socialize and train them.

Their days are spent napping, playing and wrestling, but there is a method to the madness. The pack is working out who the bosses will be.

"We have two females that are black and the omega is very calm and reserved and kind of setback and independent in her own little ways, and then we have the alpha female, who is kind of establishing herself who's crazy and jumpy and nippy and just kind of fun," said Stephanie Scherr, a wolf keeper and trainer.

The pack will stay together permanently at the zoo. The most submissive male and female are being trained as education animals. Right now they are learning to get used to harnesses, muzzles and leashes.

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