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To Save Wolves from Board of Game, Alaska's Voters Must Rally Again

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / January 6, 2006


Once again the Alaska Board of Game is gearing up for another aerial wolf slaughter during the winter months, when wolves are easier to spot and have less cover from men with rifles aboard airplanes. In the past three years since the board ignored Alaska voters for the second time and instituted aerial killing of wolves, about 550 have been killed. This is called management? What is the purpose of killing 550 wolves, I ask?

Three years ago, the board's reasoning to override Alaska voters was to protect the moose population of McGrath from the wolf population in that area. This obviously has been expanded by the board to an all-out assault on these lovely and wild creatures. One can only wonder what the plan is for them. Since there is very little contact between wolves and humans in Alaska, the only reason that comes to mind is greed and control.

Once again, Alaska voters will have to rally if we are to save the Alaska wolf from the Board of Game.

-- Heather Whitney / Homer


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