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Looks Like Palin Picks and Chooses Just Which Party Line She'll Follow

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / January 4, 2007


I see that Gov. Sarah Palin is complying with the court order to obey the state constitution on benefits to life partners on one hand, while arranging a vote to change the law on this matter (at some expense) on the other ("Palin to comply on same-sex ruling," Dec. 21). Here again we have the issue of whether we have a democratic form of government. Conservatives like Palin would have us, as in the past, obey homophobic mob rule on equal rights for homosexuals, deemed inherent when applied to straights but special when applied to gays.

On other issues, such as pollution control and wildlife conservation, the majority (and science) must be ignored because they don't support the party line. Interesting, what?
---- Lars Opland / Wasilla

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