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Maggie the Elephant Gets in Shape
        Elephant Aerobics

Steve Mac Donald / KTUU-TV / December 20, 2006

Maggie standing still on treadmill

Anchorage, Alaska - Maggie the elephant is easing into her new exercise program. Over the past eight months, Maggie's trainers at the Alaska Zoo have been slowly getting the 7,500-pound pachyderm acquainted with her new treadmill.

This afternoon, zoo officials provided photos of some of Maggie's training sessions. Maggie is walking onto the treadmill, but trainers say it will still be some time before they actually turn on the belt so she can begin exercising.

"Maggie is doing something that is not very natural. She is standing in a confined space; she's stepping on something that isn't natural footing that has some movement to it and vibrations. In that aspect, we're doing very well. There's been nothing that she's shown that concerned her," said Beth Foglesong, who is Maggie's trainer.

Right now, the elephant treadmill is the only one of its kind.

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