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Medred is Cranky, But He Does Have Good Advice About Backyard Habitat
Letters / Anchorage Daily News / December 15, 2006


As the director of National Wildlife Federation's Alaska office, I began an outraged response to Craig Medred's column on bird feeding ("If we can feed the birds, why not bears and deer?" Dec. 3) until I reread it and realized that he doesn't really mind bird feeders, he's just cranky. Medred notes in his column that science tells us bird feeders are good for birds, but points out that if we really want them around we should use native plants and make sure we preserve natural habitat for them, even in our own yards. The National Wildlife Federation cheerfully agrees and has a backyard habitat program that encourages people to move beyond green grass to create wildlife friendly yards.

If, like me, you enjoy seeing birds at your bird feeder and in your yard, consider taking Medred's advice and creating a more natural yard landscape that provides all the elements wildlife need to survive.

---- Jim Adams, Director, Alaska office

National Wildlife Federation / Anchorage

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