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We Need to Protect ANWR from Drilling

Letters / Juneau Empire / December 12, 2006


Drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, as Sarah Palin says she'd like to do, would doom the lives of animals and our chances of creating an alternative fuel source. We need to keep ANWR closed for the animals, the planet and ourselves.

ANWR is no barren wasteland, but home to a wide variety of animals. The pollution, as a result of a pipeline, would be harmful to those animals. Corrosion and leaks have been a re-occurring problem among pipes that are lowly maintained. If the oil companies can't handle the pipes they already have, how could they possibly handle even more? In Prudhoe Bay (BP's pipes), there have been 400 spills a year since the pipeline started in 1977. If a pipeline is put up in ANWR with 400 spills happening a year, the animals' food and water supply will be polluted, which would kill them. An oil pipeline in ANWR would kill many animals.

If we don't drill in ANWR we will be able to create an Earth-friendly alternative fuel source sooner. We will be faced with an oil shortage sooner than if we drill. But that is not bad; it is actually good. The sooner the shortage, the sooner we create a fuel source that won't run out so quickly and will be Earth-friendly. Not drilling in ANWR will force us to come up with an alternative fuel source sooner, saving the planet that much longer.

Drilling in ANWR would be dooming the lives of animals and our chances of creating an Earth-friendly alternative fuel source. For the animals, the planet and yourself, write or call your senator and tell them to protect ANWR from oil companies.

Savanna Desatoff / Juneau

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