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Alaska Outdoor Council's Goals Shouldn't Subvert People's Will

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / December 11, 2006

Kerry Crandall ("Feel-good wildlife management leaves bad taste in hunters' mouths," Dec. 6) stated that groups such as the Sierra Club, Defenders of Wildlife and Alaska Wildlife Alliance "use creeping incrementalism to bring about their main and unstated goal: the abolition of all hunting, fishing and trapping."

Groups such as the Alaska Outdoor Council, Safari Club International and National Rifle Association don't bother with creeping incrementalism -- they go directly for the kill. If a particular species competes for what man wants, that species is subject to eradication, not by "fair chase" but by use of modern weapons of extermination. Logic plays no role; their agenda is not ruled by emotions or any facts that are not of their own making. Their agenda is not about putting food on the table; it's about money.

The Alaska Constitution says our natural resources are for the "maximum benefit of its people." When special-interest groups, such as the Alaska Outdoor Council, exploit a resource that for all practicality they control, and which produces tens of millions of dollars a year in profit, one can see why they want to leave wildlife management in the hands of their professionals.

The new governor says she will follow the Alaska Constitution. The will of the people should not be overruled by the will of the Alaska Outdoor Council.

---- Roger J. Davis / Homer

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