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Feel-Good Wildlife Management Leaves Bad Taste in Hunters' Mouths

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / December 6, 2006

In 1994 in Oregon, the Sierra Club et al backed an initiative that outlawed the use of baiting and dogs in the hunting of bear and cougar. Since that time, deer and elk numbers have plummeted, while cougar populations have skyrocketed beyond historic numbers. Cougar have gone from being a rarity in the wilds to a common sight.

The Daily News of Nov. 21 brings us word that the Sierra Club, Defenders of Wildlife and Alaska Wildlife Alliance are now using the courts as another tool to foist their feel-good version of wildlife management on the people of Alaska ("Injunction to stop wolf hunt sought").

Make no mistake about it. Groups such as these use creeping incrementalism to bring about their main and unstated goal: the abolition of all hunting, fishing and trapping. Logic has no place in their arguments, facts do not enter their minds and emotions rule their agenda.

When an apex predator is allowed to multiply virtually unchecked, it is at the expense of species that Alaska requires remain at healthy levels. Hunting, whether sport or subsistence, is a fact of life in Alaska.

It is imperative that wildlife management remain where it belongs, in the hands of professional managers. Give the courts and their environmentalist minions their way, and one day soon your moose hunt will be no more.

---- Kerry Crandall / Anchorage

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