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Board of Game Made Right Decision

Letters / Juneau Empire / November 21, 2006

We applaud the recent Board of Game's unanimous decision not to open brown bear hunting in Swan Cove and Island on Admiralty Island. It was clear from the overwhelming testimony that maintaining the closure had solid support from most hunters, local businesses, wildlife biologist and wildlife viewers.
We are especially grateful that the Juneau Douglas Fish and Game Advisory Committee took this issue on. Their hearing allowed all sides to be heard and then after thoughtful deliberations the committee rejected the two proposals to open Swan Cove and Swan Island. The Board of Game's Juneau hearing was a great opportunity to hear local concerns of people that could not travel to Wrangell for the full Board of Game meeting.

In short, this issue that has significant ethical, economic and biological ramifications got fair hearings resulting in a decision that reflected the testimony. We were heartened that the board also agreed that a 10-year moratorium would put this issue to rest until 2016.

A special thanks to all of the people who took time to express their views, for their passion, experiences, data and values that keeps Pack Creek Area as a world-class bear viewing area.

K.J. Metcalf / Friends of Admiralty Island / Juneau


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