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It All Comes Down to Predator Control -- and Dead Horses -- for Sherwonit

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / November 16, 2006

Bill Sherwonit never really stopped writing his outdoor column for the newspaper. His venue and subject matter merely changed. In letters to the editor and, most recently, his Compass piece ("Game management cries for balance," Oct. 14), Sherwonit continues his tirade against the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Allow me to interpret.

"Alaska's wildlife management is a mess" -- because we have predator control.

"... reasonable wildlife management philosophies" -- means no predator control.

"Intensive wildlife management" is not good science -- if it includes predator control.

"Credible wildlife biologists" -- are those who oppose predator control.

To "better balance the Board of Game" -- means including individuals who would stifle predator control.

"The system got totally screwed up under Gov. Murkowski" -- because he reinstated predator control (truly, the only thing he didn't screw up).

Wildlife watchers and "respected" scientists are "completely ignored" -- because they can't stop predator control.

And my favorite: The logical way to manage predator control is a public vote. Now, that's real scientific.

The agenda is obvious, Mr. Sherwonit. Go climb a mountain. Enjoy the multitudes of wildlife.

He and the other zealots haven't missed a single photo opportunity due to Fish and Game's policies.

Sherwonit has failed as a wildlife advocate; it's apparent he enjoys beating dead horses far too much.

-- Robert W. Meier / Anchorage

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