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Campaign to Stop Aerial Hunts for Wolves, Bears Reeks of Ignorance

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / November 8, 2006

Quite a picture Joel Bennett and Nick Jans are trying to paint ("Signatures submitted to halt aerial hunting of wolves, bears," Oct. 25). Reasonable? Come on. Reasonable isn't 56,000 signatures from people who for the most part don't even know or understand what is happening to the rural Alaskans who depend on the moose and caribou for sustenance. Blaming it on game for Outside hunters is ludicrous. I call it "mad cow" mentality. Alaskans for Wildlife means food on the table for wolves. It should be Alaskans for Food on the Table of both Urban and Rural Alaskans.

The state's predator-control program works like a predator program is supposed to -- it controls predators scientifically. Plain and simple. There is no guise here, other than the Alaskans for Wildlife smoke-and-mirror tactics.

---- Mike Murphy / Anchorage

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