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Drop 'Falcons' Mascot, Choose 'Black Wolves'

Letters / Juneau Empire / November 7, 2006

It comes to my attention that there is strong support for "Thunder Mountain High School" among those on the committee to name the new high school. I, too, am very much in favor of this name. But, like others, I think the mascot name of the "Falcons" seems a little weak, not very regional and certainly not Alaskan. Yes, I know that there are falcons in Alaska, but there are falcons in perhaps all 50 states.

And so, I have a proposal that would be very regional and very specific to the Mendenhall Valley. Southeast Alaska is unique in that our wolf population has a high percentage of black wolves. There are those who refer to these black wolves in Southeast Alaska as the "Alexander Archipelago wolf." And so, because there are many black wolves in our region and one very famous black wolf nicknamed "Romeo" that inhabits the Mendenhall Valley, I believe that the mascot name should be changed to the "Black Wolves."

Just think of it. The Thunder Mountain High Black Wolves. The mascot person who dons the wolf suit during games could be nicknamed "Romeo." There would be a very cool history behind it that would live on and on, long after old Romeo is truly gone.

We have Crimson Bears, why not Black Wolves? I think that this is perfect. For those of you on the naming committee, please take note.

Kevin C. Nye / Juneau

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