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No for Knowles

Knowles pretty much told Alaskans and the Department of Fish and Game to kiss his behind when it comes to game management and predator control

Letters / Fairbanks Daily News-Miner / November 5, 2006

To the editor:

I vote no for Tony Knowles. While governor, Interior Alaska received almost no road money. He failed to get a gas line. He tried tricking Alaskans on a ballot vote involving our Permanent Fund. If you vote yes, it means no, if you vote no, it means yes.
Alaska's timber industry was destroyed when he was in office and thousands of jobs were lost. He has catered to large out-of-state tour companies and pretty much told Alaskans and the Department of Fish and Game to kiss his behind when it comes to game management and predator control.

He gave in to out-of-state animal rights groups. Copper is now at near $40 for a 10-foot stick. Alaska has some of the largest deposits in the world with no manufacturing industries or roads to transport or export minerals. Thank you, Tony.

He didn't put in a rail system to the Lower 48. Nor did he organize a state-operated workmens' insurance program. Instead he paid millions in profits to friendly insurance companies.

Did he adopt license fees on snowmachines and four-wheelers and put in new trails for our use? He totally failed to cut the shameful waste and overspending of the University of Alaska. He failed to adopt a policy where all communities help pay for their own schools. It's wrong when people of Anchorage and Fairbanks pay for their schools while many worthless towns leach off the state. Tony Knowles never started the permit process for development of Alaska's resources or tried to start Alaska state-operated co-ops to refine our own heating oil and gas to be distributed for cost.

After a proven record like his, I can't imagine him even getting one vote. We must have change. Your vote is Alaska's future.

Phil Zastrow / North Pole

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