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Predator Control in Alaska

Letters / Fairbanks Daily News-Miner / November 1, 2006

To the editor:

"Alaskans for Wildlife" initiative? "Alaska Wildlife Alliance" and " Defenders of Wildlife action fund" provided them advice and logistical support. "Defenders," Connecticut? "Outside interests"?

Nick Jans, co-sponsor of the initiative and former wolf hunter, says, "They want to stop the airborne shooting of wolves and bears." He says, "We don't support it, we don't believe in it, and we don't want it." While Joel Bennett, chair of AFW, and former Board of Game member, says, "The initiative would allow state biologists to shoot wolves from the air, but only in biological emergencies." Huh?

Jans says, "Airborne shooting of wolves is being conducted to satisfy hunters from Outside Alaska, not to benefit rural Alaskans who rely on moose and caribou for food." Well, Outside hunters cannot hunt moose or caribou in Unit 13A B C D and E. Not enough left. So exclude these areas from the initiative. That makes sense.

Unit 13 has become a biological "predator pit" through the late '90s, the abundance of moose had dwindled severely, while wolf populations exploded. In "Alaska Sportsman," July 1968, Lowell Thomas Jr., states, relating to bounties on wolves, "And with no bounties except, perhaps, in those few areas where the biologists believe it to be a useful tool in necessary predator control."

OK, bring back the bounties. I live rurally and eat moose and wear wolf. I don't support the Outside interests who provide advice for "Alaskans for Wildlife," however, I support Outside hunters, provided there is an abundance of moose.

Marty Caress / Cantwell

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