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Pete Buist, self-appointed apologist for Ralph Seekins

Letters / Fairbanks Daily News-Miner / November 1, 2006

To the editor:

Once again Pete Buist, self-appointed apologist for Ralph Seekins, proves when you're slinging mud with both hands, facts slip through your fingers.

His letter (Oct. 6) rants about the hypocrisy of ads using "Outside money" yet says nothing of the $200 K the National Rifle Association and Safari International spent defeating the bear-baiting ban. Suddenly, the hypocrisy is closer to home.

He objects to the group name, "Americans for Conservation." Last time I checked people living in Soldotna are Americans. Aerial hunting, which Seekins shoved down the throats of Alaskans despite their consistent disapproval, is neither conservation or humane: it's brutal decimation. The group's name is very appropriate.

Buist claims the aerial hunting program works yet cites no corroborating documentation from Fish & Game. The News-Miner would have published such proof if it existed. Buist is up to his usual smoke-and-mirrors routine, pushing pseudo-science in a desperate attempt to paint Seekins as worthy of re-election.

Buist characterizes those opposing Seekins and his aerial hunting as Outsiders and animal rights activists. Nick Jans, longtime hunter and Alaskan author disapproves of aerial hunting. Joel Bennett, former Board of Game member and hunter disapproves, as does Lowell Thomas Jr., lieutenant governor under Jay Hammond. STEADY, a group of subsistence hunters and trappers in Eagle also strongly disapprove. The Alaska chapter of the Backcountry Hunters and Angler disapprove as well. In trying to smear Alaskans opposing Seekins' aerial hunting, Buist shows little regard for accuracy.

Seekins pushed Senate Bill 85 to open the Dalton Highway corridor to ATV use, a move opposed statewide by hunters, trappers, wildlife enforcement agencies, even Alyeska, facts Buist ignores. Seekins tried to pass SB 105, which would so distort authority over our wildlife that Fish & Game has come out strongly against it, something Buist conveniently overlooks. And that "minor" VECO contribution to Seekins campaign was $5,000, an amount that can attract a lot of a legislator's attention.

So, in reading his letter consider how much mud versus fact he produces. And consider, when you go to vote, this is the sort of person who wants Ralph Seekins selling bad legislation instead of used cars.

Paddy Tatum / Rex Crossing

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