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Ralph Seekins, a Senatorial Lemon

Letters / Fairbanks Daily News-Miner / October 31, 2006


To the editor:

Ralph Seekins in his recent Community Perspective piece says he wants to get down to the facts. Unfortunately, he does anything but that.

He claims his VECO contributions totaled $2,000 yet the APOC report shows $5,000 from 10 top VECO officials giving $500 each since 2002. He says he returned the money but we can all appreciate how nice it would be to have what amounted to an interest-free loan for that period.

Another notable fact is how careful he's been not to mention his re-introduction of aerial hunting where he thumbed his nose at the large majority of Alaskan voters who made it abundantly clear they do not approve of it. Clearly, Seekins feels his buddies in the Alaska Outdoor Council are his real constituency. None of his ads mentions this dubious accomplishment.

Sarah Palin has admitted to being a member of the AOC so re-election of Seekins along with her election would ensure that again mainstream Alaskans will be ignored on this and other wildlife issues. Seekins and Palin have also decided to ignore the groups of subsistence hunters and trappers strongly opposed to aerial hunting. Ralph doesn't need to invoke the bogeyman of outside influence, though. As is evident from the large numbers of letters appearing against him there's an abundance of Alaskans who feel he should go back to selling used cars. The 57,000 Alaskan signatures gathered on the petitions to ban aerial hunting a third time bears this out.

The trucks stranded off the Dalton Highway are a preview of the effects of Seekins' SB 85. Despite strong, widespread opposition from hunters, non-hunters, residents of the Dalton; despite a clear majority opposing opening the corridor along the Dalton to ATV traffic, Seekins again hears only the AOC's wishes. Experience tells us it wouldn't be long before numerous bogs are created where ATVs become stuck and are revved to dig their way out leaving behind another mess.

These actions and numerous others by Ralph such as his pro-lobbying legislation make one fact clear: Seekins is one lemon Alaska can't afford.


Art Greenwalt / Fairbanks

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