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Alaska's Predator Control Program Misguided

Letters / Juneau Empire / October 26, 2006


As Alaskans, we are fortunate to live in a place where there remains an abundance of wild salmon and other wildlife. An abundance of wolves in the state would be an indication of healthy habitat for its prey species, which are primarily mice, voles, hares and an occasional weak, young or already dead moose, sheep or caribou. Wolves have their place in keeping prey species strong and deserve respect.

Predators and prey have their own natural cycles. The state's current predator control program not only is expensive, cruel and disrespectful, but it will also result in ultimate failure because nature will ultimately return to its natural balance.

In the meantime, the shameful slaughter of Alaska's wolves demonstrates the state Board of Game's ignorance of the way nature works and an abhorrent cruel and expensive practice for short-term ends of a few.

If Alaska's wildlife, all species and the Alaska lifestyle are to survive into the future, the focus needs to be on maintaining and protecting healthy habitat for all species. No habitat, no harvest of fish, moose, caribou, no visitors, no special place in which to live, no wolves, no problem.

Maintaining a healthy balance of the wildlife in Alaska through habitat and watershed protection and respect for all our relations is in our own best interest. Of the three candidates for governor, only Tony Knowles has indicated he plans to respect the vote of Alaskans and halt the state's current massive aerial wolf hunt, which has already killed more than 600 Alaska wolves.

Kathleen Menke / Haines


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