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Board of Game Changing the Rules on Nelchina Tier 2 Caribou Hunt

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / October 25, 2006

Folks, you're aware our illustrious Board of Game is changing the rules on the Nelchina Tier 2 caribou hunt again. They won't quit until their kids, friends and relatives can participate in this hunt. My 40-plus-years residency will mean nothing.

They've complained for years that a large percentage of folks applying for these permits are liars. Have you ever heard of anyone being prosecuted? Nope. Their solution: Change the rules, make it tougher on us old duffers, and maybe we'll quit, leaving our permits for the liars and their relatives.

They're now contemplating eliminating the use of motorhomes and ATVs on subsistence hunts. Brilliant. Guess we'll have to purchase relic pickups, Salvation Army tents and a jackass for off-road use. Our rifles could be next.

A provision they recently put in effect is a classic, an absolute doozy. We must now bring out the head and hide, both totally worthless to anyone. More brilliance. Class-action lawsuit, anyone?

Typical political appointees. We've seen similarities before. Hopefully Sarah Palin will clean house and appoint competent, intelligent individuals. Certainly would be a refreshing change.

---- Charles Eastlake / Chugiak

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