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Letters / Fairbanks Daily News-Miner / Oct. 20, 2006

Four more years of Tony Knowles? God help all the people of Alaska!

If Tony ever read the state constitution, he would know, big game is to be managed for the people of Alaska. Not Priscilla Feral and her ilk in Connecticut. Did their boycott over the killing of wolves slow down people coming to Alaska last year? This year?

Four more years of Tony would be four more years of sucking up to Outside interests. Tony won two terms as governor because we had a strong third party. If I recall, more people voted for someone else both terms he won.

Tony does have eight years experience sucking up to Outside interests. We don't need a gas line, just a way to move all the hot air coming off Tony to heat every home in Alaska.

Then we have the "fool on the hill." Do any of those people on the hill at the University of Alaska Fairbanks know basic geometry? You know, $20 million plus cost overrun and you can't display half the stuff.

We cares what the building looks like if you want to see all this stuff? Chairman Mao once wrote, "On a blank slate, the most beautiful characters can be drawn." Seems to fit most hills across the country. I went to University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee last. Really sad what is being taught today. Check out the University of Wisconsin-Madison track record as of late. Higher learning?

Craig Lehrer / North Pole

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