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Tony Knowles Cares More About Wolves Than About Alaskans in the Bush

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / October 13, 2006

In response to Roger J. Davis ("Palin's support of aerial wolf kills defies ballot votes to halt assaults," Oct. 5):

Tony Knowles or Roger Davis could care less about people in rural Alaska and our food for the table. Knowles came close to destroying the moose population during his time in office, and now he wants to come back to finish the job. Moose populations are coming back with aerial predator control. If the wolves come back, they will just have something to eat. Or maybe Davis could just care less about rural Alaska, where we depend upon the moose for survival. And yes, Davis, I also love wolves and they also depend on moose to survive.

---- Clinton Goods / Takotna

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