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Palin's Support of Aerial Wolf Kills Defies Ballot Votes to Halt Assaults

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / October 5, 2006

Charles and Anne McMurrough's letter of Sept. 28 hoping that Sarah Palin sticks to her guns on predator control like Gov. Frank Murkowski has cost Palin the votes of my family ("Palin's stand on killing wolves will win a lot of votes if she holds to it").

The well-paid, special-interest biologists that give their expertise on this issue have been given the answer before being assigned the task.

As for taking care of "our own people first," one must wonder whatever happened to the will of those people who twice by ballot rejected the aerial assault against wolves.

Alaskans are being taken for a sleigh ride by special-interest groups such as the NRA, Safari Club International and others. The organization that fronts for these groups here in Alaska is the Alaska Outdoor Council. This is really not about putting food on the table -- when the Safari Club holds its annual convention in Reno, Nev., there is plenty of food and drink to go around. What this is really about is tens of millions of dollars that flow from this Alaska resource into the hands of those who have gamed the system to favor their special interest; It's all about the money.

The Alaska Constitution says that the natural resources are for "maximum use consistent with the public interest." What we have is the public interest being subverted by special interest.

---- Roger J. Davis / Homer

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