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Alaska Gubernatorial Candidate Palin's Stand on Killing Wolves Will Win a Lot of Votes if She Holds to It

Letters / Fairbanks Daily News-Miner / Sept. 22, 2006

I hope Sarah Palin sticks to her guns; she will get our vote ("Aerial predator killing OK by Palin, echoing Gov. Frank Murkowski," Art Greenwalt, Sept. 18).

The state of Alaska has hired a well-educated and knowledgeable group of game biologists to study the predator/prey balance. When they conclude their census counts of moose, caribou, wolves and bears and recommend a method of control, we should either follow it or fire the whole bunch and save a lot of money. That money can be given to families who didn't get a moose or caribou because the predators got it.

Please, let's take care of our own people first, and ignore those from Chicago or New York. What do they know about our predator problems? There are by far more wolves in Alaska than necessary and wolves will never be near endangered.

We hope Palin continues to line up with the Alaska Outdoor Council. We are glad that she read the biography of Frank Glaser and is willing to stand up against those who are confused and don't understand because of their ignorance.

---- Charles and Anne McMurrough / Moose Pass

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