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Lack of Balance

Seekins sponsored bill  which overturned the most recent ban on aerial wolf hunting

Letters / Fairbanks Daily News-Miner / Sept. 22, 2006

To the editor:

Republican domination of our state government has undermined the checks and balances that assure a healthy democracy. Two members of the Interior Delegation have repeatedly demonstrated the nature of this problem:

When Sen. Ralph Seekins announced that he would not run against Frank Murkowski for governor, he defended Murkowski's $2.7 million gubernatorial jet. The Dec. 22, 2005 Juneau Empire reported Seekins' observation that Murkowski is doing a "pretty good job" of running state affairs, but that he should better communicate his ideas, including the new state jet.

Rep. Jim Holm voted to kill an amendment to budget bill HB 67, which would have prohibited expenditures for the Murkowski jet.

By supporting Murkowski's request to repeal the $500 limit on campaign contributions (SB 119 in 2003), Seekins and Holm increased the magnitude of the recent "Corrupt Bastards Club" scandal. This bill significantly increased allowable campaign contributions from individuals representing corporate special interests.

Seekins sponsored a bill that allowed most corporate lobbyists to contribute to political campaigns (SB 89 in 2003). This bill further enabled members of the "Corrupt Bastards Club" to collect corporate special interest donations. Although Holm was absent for the final House vote, he supported this bill as it moved through the House.

In 1996 and 2000, Alaskans voted to ban aerial wolf hunting. Seekins sponsored a bill (SB 155 in 2003), which Holm also supported, which overturned the most recent ban on aerial wolf hunting.

By electing Joe Thomas and Scott Kowasaki to replace Ralph Seekins and Jim Holm, Fairbanks voters can restore the checks and balances for a government that represents the people rather than wealthy special interests.


Ed Davis / Fairbanks

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