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Point of Article was to Respect Nature

Letters / Juneau Empire / August 27, 2006


In Lynn Escola's letter to the editor in the Aug. 23 Empire states, "Killing animals may be a family affair for the Kubleys, but I'm reasonably certain it is not for their victims."

Wasn't the offending victim a picture of a bear? Sorry, but last I checked, bears are classified as omnivores. That means they eat anything - plants, berries, other animals, even the occasional tree-hugging, wolf-protecting, tofu-eating, PETA-sympathizing, Al Gore-believing, liberal agenda-promoting lefty who wasn't born in Alaska. Also, I did not scribble this out with a crayon. I used that marvelous invention of Lynn's hero, Al Gore - the Internet. If the crayon remark was an insinuation that anyone following "traditional" lifestyles is ignorant, perhaps our "scholarly" author should try meeting some of the folks in the real Alaska. They are the most worldly folks I have ever met.

What Lynn missed in the article about the Kubley's was the story of a family that is teaching their youth to respect nature, how we all fit into this world, and how to take what you need without harming the resource. Perhaps the world would be a better place if more families did what the Kubley's do. My hat's off to them.

No doubt about it, the first time you get charged by a bear you learn where you fit into the natural world. It's a very humbling experience. The world might be a better place if more tree-hugging, wolf-protecting, tofu-eating, PETA-sympathizing, Al Gore-believing, liberal agenda-promoting lefties who weren't born in Alaska gained a little humility through the lessons taught by an angry bear.

Allen Butner / Juneau

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