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Time Has Come to Get Tough with People and Quit Blaming the Bears

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / August 24, 2006

While out running in Sterling, I was circled then bluff-charged by a large brown bear wearing a red radio collar. I aged 10 years, I'm now totally gray, and I am furious. This bear has no fear of humans, vehicles, horns, gunfire, dogs or anything else. This isn't normal bear behavior. This is the result of dozens of stupid humans who have come into contact with her since she was a cub. Her problems have been perpetuated by every individual and business that has allowed her access to garbage, dog food and trash. This bear is in a world of trouble, all of it caused by humans displaying less common sense than your average gerbil.

State Game Board member Ted Spraker, an intelligent, experienced voice of educated reason, is silenced by certain politicians who find him far too outspoken on this subject. Fine these people. It would seem reasonable to me that a first-time offender be charged $1,000; a subsequent offense should result in the loss of your Permanent Fund dividend. If you're one of those folks walking around with a room-temperature IQ and you still can't get it, the third time you should be required to pack it up and leave the state. Wake up, people. I came darn close to being history and I blame you, not the bear.

---- Nancy Wall / Sterling

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