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Buy Your Fish at a Gourmet Market and Bears Get to Live Another Day

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / August 21, 2006

In reading Alex Gimarc's letter, "With the bear problems at streams, it is time for state to open hunting" (Aug. 7), I must say: My, my. What a sense of entitlement.

Mr. Gimarc deserves to be running rampant on the streams, attempting to catch fish, but by golly, the bears, being such interlopers, can't be there as they might interfere with his rights. Hmmm, what next? Do in the moose because you might encounter one on the running trails? Do in the lynx; after all, what a cool coat for the winter.

We don't have to worry about the wolves; the governor and his "kill it if it moves" gang of thugs are making sure they don't continue to bother us. So, really, what's next, Mr. Gimarc? Pretty soon we can be just like the rest of the wildlife-depleted United States. Overpopulated with people who only see these animals in picture books. Oh, well, can't stop progress, including the building of ticky-tacky houses for the whiny types to live in.

So my suggestion is, go buy fish at the local gourmet grocery stores and lie about it. No one will care that you didn't catch it. This way, everyone's happy. You get the fish, the bears continue to live another day.

---- J.D. Foster / Anchorage

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