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Wolf Pups at the Alaska Zoo are Valuable;
Wild Populations are Under Attack

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / August 4, 2006

I find the orphan wolf pups at the zoo interesting ("Puppy love," June 24). Yes, they are very cute, and it's nice that the zoo finally has some wolves after years of empty pens waiting to be occupied, yet I am afraid the zoo will soon be the last place a visitor will be able to see wolves in Alaska.
Denali's wolves have already been decimated because of trappers who work on the borders of the park.

The aerial wolf hunt will just about take the rest of the wolves in order to save the moose for the hunters.

So I guess everyone wins: The zoo now has wolves again, visitors have a safe place to see wolves while visiting Alaska and can't complain about not seeing any. The hunters will now have a huge population of moose to shoot and will have no one to blame if the moose population does not grow and the moose will be hunted and killed by a perfect humanely shot rifle. Thank you fellow Alaskans for protecting one of our last wildlife species, by placing them in the zoo for all to enjoy.

---- Richard Schanche / Anchorage

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