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A Little More Research Needed Regarding the Stories About Moose

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / July 26, 2006


John Toppenberg, director of the Alaska Wildlife Alliance ("Blame Outsiders for missing moose," July 18), poses a strange question: "If airborne killing is the only available means of creating large moose and caribou populations, then why did Alaska have more of these ungulates before aircraft took to Alaska skies?"

I would ask Toppenberg to include in his letters the facts, the areas where there were more ungulates, and give the dates to back up his claims. I can say this: The past two years there has been an increase in baby moose and caribou survival percentages in Unit 13, visible to the human eye. From the 1927 rules and regulations for the Mount McKinley National Park information booklet, there is no mention of moose or wolves. This is election year, so please read between the lines when groups like the Alaska Wildlife Alliance voice their opinion. If Toppenberg had sat in work group No. 4 in the early 1990s wolf summit, which included myself and others such as Priscilla Feral (adopted last name), he would know the answer to the above question he asks.

---- Marty Caress, chairman / Denali Advisory Committee / Cantwell

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