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Fish and Game Needs to Manage Bears Effectively, Not Humans

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / June 25, 2006


Another summer, more bears in the Anchorage Bowl, and what is the Alaska Department of Fish and Game doing? They are once again managing people rather than the wildlife. The recent story about bears wandering the community focused on the number of $110 tickets written to local homeowners rather than on the number of new bearskin rugs made out of marauding bears ("Trash citations grow as carelessness feeds bears," June 16).

Sooner or later, someone here in the Anchorage Bowl is going to get mauled and/or killed. It may be a jogger, a family out with their kids, or perhaps someone in a wheelchair. Who will ADF&G blame for the attack then? Who will be held accountable then?

It is fascinating to me that a community that will fall all over itself to ban smoking on the fraudulent notion that secondhand smoke causes death will allow 400- to 800-pound animals that actually kill a couple people statewide every year to run free on our streets, greenbelts, schoolyards and backyards.

We have too many bears in Anchorage. They need to be removed. ADF&G biologists work for the state. You might ask your favorite candidate for the Legislature or governor what they think ADF&G ought to manage -- the people or the wildlife -- and how they will refocus department priorities once elected.

---- Alex Gimarc / Anchorage


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