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Unusual: The effect of shrinking ice on bruins' behavior is debated

Dan Joling / AP / Anchorage Daily News / June 13, 2006

The June 8 Daily News story, "Their howls go 'ooooh,' " shows one of six wolf pups from a McGrath area den, transferred by Alaska Department of Fish and Game employees to the Alaska Zoo. It's apparent that there is great public interest in these pups.

I find this story ironic, since the McGrath site is one of many areas where Fish and Game is coordinating aerial killing of wolves to enhance local moose populations. I wonder if the mother of these pups was a victim of this practice?

Aerial gunning of wolves -- twice voted down by the residents of Alaska -- has now been approved over a large area of Alaska. Since wildlife belongs to all the people of Alaska, why does the Board of Game represent only the views of some hunters and trappers? The board claims it represents subsistence hunters. However, many villagers at the March 2006 Board of Game meeting in Fairbanks testified that ever-increasing hunting pressure by city dwellers and out-of-state hunters, with unlimited hunting access using aircraft or all-terrain vehicles, has limited their subsistence hunting of moose. Do we want to turn wild Alaska into a feedlot for moose and caribou? Many Alaskans do not think so. It is time to abolish this Board of Game and replace it with one that represents all Alaskans and is committed to sound wildlife management.

---- Walter Glooschenko / Anchorage


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