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Take the Elephant Out of Your Wondrous State

Letters / Anchorage Press / June 4, 2006

I visited your most wondrous state 10 years ago, which fulfilled a lifelong dream. My dreams came true as I marveled at your beautiful state and most wondrous wildlife. I had never seen an eagle in the wild, I had never seen a killer whale in the wild, a gray whale or seals or puffins in the wild. I could go on and on about your most wondrous state. I shed many tears in gratitude for God's gifts. I flew over the glaciers and was so amazed at their magnificence, I went on a whale watching tour and was so blessed to witness a magnificent gray leap from the beautiful Alaskan waters and come crashing down. The northern lights are an awesome sight to behold. I hope one day I can witness the beginning of the awesome Alaskan Iditarod and feel the excitement and exuberance of the dogs so yearning to begin the race to Nome.

Yet after reading an article in the Dallas Morning News about Maggie the Anchorage elephant, I began to cry - not only for Maggie but for her most loving caregivers who strive to provide a wonderful environment for her, even going to the extreme of introducing a treadmill for exercise. Only caregivers who truly love Maggie would embark on this journey.

For Maggie's sake, please consider placing her in the largest elephant sanctuary in the United States, located in Hohenwald, Tennessee. The sanctuary is specifically for retired zoo and circus elephants and they have a 24-hour video cam to enable all to watch these magnificent animals in an environment which they thrive. The website is www.elephants.com.

I love you Alaska and hope to see you soon.

Margaret Mitchell / Wylie, Texas

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