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State-Owned Moose Cause Damage in City, Move Them to the Mountains

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / May 23, 2006

I'm tired of putting my life on the line protecting my property and pets from state-owned moose.

I can't shoot 'em, dart and move 'em, or even throw rocks at 'em 'cause that's harassin' the wildlife.

We are facing a catastrophe in the near future if action by the state of Alaska is not taken. The moose population in the Anchorage Bowl is exploding. In the Lower Rabbit Creek area alone, I have noted a moose calf survival rate increase.

Every year overpopulation of moose causes thousands of dollars in property damage, more people get hurt or killed, there are more auto accidents and more pets lost.

More bears migrate to areas overpopulated with moose, causing an even greater risk to public safety. If the state of Alaska continues to turn its back on this ever-growing problem, maybe it's time for legal action.

Several thousand Anchorage residents suing the state for recovery of monetary losses by state of Alaska-owned moose on private properties should be a wake-up call.

The state of Wyoming pays residents of Wyoming thousands of dollars every year for property damage caused by antelope owned by the state of Wyoming.

The answer is simple, folks.

Dart and move the young moose to the Talkeetna Mountains. In several years they will be of legal hunting size in an area that's moose depleted.

---- Gary Snell / Anchorage

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