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How Did 200 Wolves Make 450,000 Caribou Disappear from the Herd?

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / May 16, 2006

Regarding the April 30 article "Biologists blame wolves for herd's lack of growth," it is not statistically possible that 210 wolves could negatively affect a herd of 43,000 caribou. These would have to be extremely busy wolves to have an impact. Fish and Game indicates the caribou herd population was 500,000 (peak) from a one-time count 90 years ago, with an average population of 41,000 to 43,000 over the past three years. This may be all the caribou the land is capable of supporting.

I can't see attributing the disappearance of 450,000 caribou to 200-plus wolves.

I do not support Fish and Game's plan to exterminate wolves from Alaska.

---- Kathy Pratt / Chugiak

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