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Leave Alaska's Wolves Alone; They're Worth More Alive than Dead

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / March 25, 2006

The greatest benefit to Alaska living is having such diverse wildlife in dramatic settings. Few other states started with similar environments and none preserved them. It is disappointing to see us following their disastrous footsteps to destroy ours, beginning with our misguided predator-control programs and those proposed at the Board of Game.

No other state that used control programs now has a healthy wildlife balance. While many prey animals are prolific once predators are removed, predators themselves are unable to recover easily from man's interference, beginning a cycle of imbalance evidenced by "Interior hunters receive more shots at cow moose" (March 19). To slaughter wolves and others in pursuit of balance destroys Alaska. Using such "sporting" methods as airplane sniping, baiting or proposed snowmobile chasing shows our true lack of humanity and respect for nature.

Contrary to the opinion of some, nature can take care of itself. Given the chance, predator numbers will self-regulate with the amount of prey. No expensive control programs needed. Any perceived lack of subsistence game in a particular year could be countered by reducing nonresident hunting. Effects of this natural approach would be felt positively throughout the state. As some guide outfits learn, and to paraphrase a logging quote, "You can sell the shooting of a wolf once, you can sell the viewing of that wolf a thousand times."

---- John Zebutis / Anchorage


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