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Animal-Rights Zealots Hurt Alaskans and the Wolves They Try to Protect

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / February 15, 2006

Here in the middle of the Kuskokwim we are seeing a huge increase of wolves. Misguided animal-rights zealots have thwarted efforts to control predators that, if left unchecked, will and now are destroying the moose and caribou population.

We Alaskans greatly depend on moose and caribou to put food on the table. We are not saying all the wolves should be killed, just that their numbers should be controlled. In the Upper Kuskokwim there are proposals to close moose seasons because the wolves have become so numerous that moose numbers have become almost nonexistent. In the village of Chuathbaluk, the wolves ate a dozen dogs. In some areas the wolves have even turned to cannibalism once they have decimated their food supply. If left unchecked, the efforts of the animal-rights zealots will even hurt the wolves they so hold in reverence, along with all other species.

We Alaskans will be hurt the most. It is truly disheartening to watch our land becoming literally a desert devoid of species such as moose and caribou, which we so greatly depend upon to feed our families. This letter is to all fellow Alaskans. Please help us control the numbers of predators that are destroying our moose population. Do not believe the animal-rights zealots' rhetoric. We are not saying kill all the wolves; just control their numbers.

---- Herman W. Morgan / Aniak

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