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Animal Traps

Letters / Fairbanks Daily News-Miner / February 11, 2006
Tim Mowry, Fairbanks Daily News-Miner staff and the public.

This letter is regarding the 13-year-old boy who helped rescue a dog caught in a trap. What he did was extremely honorable, and I appreciate knowing there are young men like him in our community.

Without diminishing the heroic efforts of this boy, I'd like to make some points addressing the insinuations of dog owners. How is the community supposed to know where these traps are located? We rent a house at the end of a road that sits on an airstrip. Not more than a football field away are woods that are subdivided and in the process of becoming a neighborhood.

When I pulled my truck into our detached garage, my friends and children entered our house and accidently let out our German shepherd. Once I realized she was missing (she was not known to wander), I immediately set out to look for her. Denali, our dog, had her identification on her (not all dog owners are irresponsible). Many hours were spent scouring the woods. We used snowmachines to cover the trails, but to no avail.

After two days, we found her not more than 20 feet into the woods. She is not a barker and it was my 9-year-old son who heard the chink, chink of her pulling the trap's chain that was attached to the tree; $900 later and with her leg amputated up to her first joint, we are truly blessed just to have her home!

What if it had been a child? These traps were not marked by signs; the owners of the land did not know the traps were there. Later, when my husband contacted the state troopers, we found out the trapper was illegally baiting.

My husband and I are not anti-trapper activists. However, we want to express the concern that this is something that could potentially hurt a child. Couldn't there be a middle ground where trappers communicated with the people who could be affected by their actions?

Thank you,


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