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Available Food for Moose Constant if Humans Harvest Those Left by Wolves

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / February 8, 2006

I believe that in his letter to the editor, reader Jeff Fair left something out of the equation ("Killing the wolves won't improve nature's buffet spread for moose," Jan. 31): The human factor. I thought that the whole idea of predator control was to have moose feed humans instead of wolves. If humans harvest and eat the moose that the wolves did not get, the numbers should not change, therefore the available food source for the moose should not change. With more than 600,000 humans in Alaska, things will never be the same as 100 years ago when nature was in balance. Get over it. I guess that Jeff forgot that unlike in Palmer, the next meal that includes meat does not always come from the nearby Safeway.

---- Bob Picard / Anchor Point

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