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Not a Barking Monkey

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / February 7, 2006

To the editor:

We Alaskans consume a lot of wild game. It doesn't amaze me anymore that the animal rights people will take extreme measures to stop all hunting practices here in Alaska. They are a formidable opponent, they are expert fighters in the art of "paper warfare," but some people might call it politics.

I have seen my fair share of moose numbers and have seen areas of little or no moose at all. But everywhere I've been, people eat moose to sustain their lives, Native or non-Native. Some people feed many families with just one moose. We Koyukon Athabascans go to great lengths not to waste game that sustains our culture, spirit, lives, and subsistence assimilation with the Earth. Right now in the villages, we are in direct competition for survival with the wolves. They are eating all the moose and dogs.

The animal rights front regurgitates out vast numbers and formulas such as biological data to the general public in hopes of tricking the voters to ban hunting. The day I eat a boca burger will be the day I am a barking monkey; it will never happen. Never. That's because I am genetically predisposed to eating meat and wild game and I am not a barking monkey. Therefore, I am sure the animal rights people have the same mentality. The day when they eat a moose steak will be the day they are all barking monkeys.

I have something to offer to Priscilla Feral and her group. If you can't beat them join'em. Well Ms. Feral could go hunting with me and join me in a nice pot of brisket soup. It tastes especially good with close friends and a hot cup of tea. I could see her now wearing my beaver hat with a warm smile on her face.

But for now, the moose numbers are low and predator control is a positive step. If there are no moose, people do not eat. There's not much protein in fingernails.

Pollock Simon


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