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Those Who Don't Hunt for Sustenance Can Never Understand Loss of Game


Letters / Anchorage Daily News / February 3, 2006

Unless you are personally affected by a lack of huntable game, you cannot know the level of harm and despair that it causes. For many, it is like a nightmare to see a cherished lifestyle slipping away because of clamor from unaffected zealots posing as saviors of the noble predator. It doesn't matter if your bond to the hunt is 20 generations deep or just one, the pain is the same. The preservationist's banner is hoisted on a pike of synthetic outrage and run through the bowels of those closest to the land.

Pleas for assistance in the control of expanding predator populations come from various sources. For every heartless slob focused solely on a wall hanging, there are dozens of decent, caring individuals, heartbroken at the thought of losing the Alaska sustenance they value. Many volunteer on local advisory committees and help to inform the state Board of Game on the issue of predator control. They speak almost with one voice on the issue, not for political gamesmanship but out of concern for the well-being of friends and families.

The wolf is not endangered in our state and scientific justification for controlling its numbers is sound, despite the railings of misguided critics. I thank Gov. Murkowski and the Game Board for looking to the welfare of countless Alaskans with their stand on this issue.

---- Timothy Shine / Wasilla

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