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Motion Denied, Alaska Wolf Program Resumes

Jason Moore / KTUU / NBC / January 31, 2006

Anchorage, Alaska - Pilot and gunner teams targeting wolves can once again take off. After a court hearing today, Superior Court Judge Sharon Gleason denied a motion by the group Friends of Animals who were seeking to halt the state's wolf control programs for the rest of this winter.

The group asked the judge to reject emergency regulations the Board of Game passed last week to comply with a ruling from Gleason to suspend the programs. Friends of Animals argued the emergency regulations were passed with inadequate public notice and no chance for the public to comment on them.

"After years of controversy about how this process should work, established the process and told the public that before it adopted one of these regulations, it would give the public a chance by giving it prior public notice and an opportunity to comment, to participate in the process," said Jim Reeves, attorney for Friends of Animals.

The Board of Game's attorney argued the emergency regulations had to be passed or this winter's effort to kill wolves would be wiped out.

"Unless control effort can be conducted throughout February, March and April of this year the desired level of wolf removal will not be achieved and the goals of calf and adult moose protection will have been substantially or completely thwarted," said Kevin Saxby, state attorney.

Gleason sided with the state, which means the five separate predator control programs around the state are once again active.

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