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Stop Killing Wolves in Alaska

Letters / Juneau Empire / January 29, 2006

The arrogance and disregard for Alaska's wolf population shown by your governor is astounding.

What is it about Frank Murkowski that he just doesn't get it? He can't seem to comprehend that the people of Alaska do not wish their wolves to be run to exhaustion and brutally shot point blank.

It is an immoral and unethical act, and a blatant disregard for our nation's wildlife.

If you care about our nation's native wildlife and especially our magnificent wolves, who have been so unfairly persecuted by ignorance and myth, help put an end to the killing once and for all. Tell Interior Secretary Gale Norton to do her job and enforce the Federal Airborne Hunting Act and demand that your governor stop this brutal killing. It certainly sets a terrible public relations image for the state of Alaska, to say the least.

Barb Adams / Parker CO


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