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Maggie the Elephant's Confinement is Inhumane; Let's Send her Outside

Alaska Zoo

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / January 29, 2006

The picture of Maggie, the lone elephant in our zoo, was not taken this year (Weather Gallery, Jan. 19, Page B-8). Maggie has not been able to go out all this winter, and will continue to be kept inside in a small cell with a concrete floor until well after spring.

Elephants should not go outside below 40 degrees for one thing. The other fact is, from talking with zoo personnel this winter, that Maggie cannot go outside until all the construction debris has been cleared from the ongoing and current construction for the $800,000 treadmill and new lodging for her. The fear being she may step on some sharp objects or construction material, which was not cleaned up this past summer. So Maggie does not even have a chance to go outside all winter and does not even get a chance to see the sky or stars from her confined enclosure, which is most inhumane to anyone in the winter in Alaska or elsewhere.

For Maggie's best interests, she should be with her own kind in a lovely, warmer sanctuary in the Lower 48. They have offered more than once to accept her. The Seawells refuse to do that for Maggie.

Joyce H. Powers / Anchorage


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