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Alaska Game Board Should Ban Feeding of Bald Eagles to Keep Them Wild


Letters / Anchorage Daily News / January 23, 2006

We should encourage the Alaska Board of Game to ban intentional feeding of bald eagles.

While it may be true that turning eagles into Dumpster birds increases viewing opportunity much like bear baiting makes it easier to shoot bears, and salmon farming makes it easier to catch fish, it doesn't mean we should do it.

Our national symbol is the bald eagle. As a top avian predator, nature has bestowed upon it a look that in the eyes of most humans appears powerful and strong. It, along with the bear, preys upon the salmon that still run wild in our streams.

The greatest resource that Alaska has is its uniqueness as a place where "wild" means "wild."

Our natural ecosystems are still largely intact and functioning as they have for thousands of years. People from around the world come to witness and enjoy the spectacle. Many of us live here because of these values. Our wild caught salmon fetch a high price in the marketplace.

We must guard against taking the "wildness" out of our wildlife resources not only to keep them healthy and in balance, but to ensure that the value of our wildlife remains high.

Paul Joslin / Alaskans for a Representative Board of Wildlife / Anchorage

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