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Wolves Got their Day in Court, and Beat Out Human Predators


Letters / Anchorage Daily News / January 24, 2006

Hooray for Judge Sharon Gleason. Hooray for Priscilla Feral and Friends of Animals. Hooray for others who opposed the state's unethical and now shown-to-be-illegal wolf-kill program ("Ruling brakes wolf-kill program," Jan. 18). And hooray, especially, for Alaska's wolves, which have been given a reprieve, even if temporary, from politics of the worst sort.

At the same time, I say shame on the Board of Game and Gov. Frank Murkowski, who continue to insist that the recent wolf-kill program is based on "sound science," when in fact it is based on politics and personal anti-predator biases. Hardly anyone outside the governor, his Game Board appointees, several legislators, and some folks in the Department of Fish and Game, believe this ever-expanding wolf-kill program is based on good science, as Vic Van Ballenberghe and other independent biologists have argued again and again.

Alaska's recent "intensive game management" strategies are both embarrassing and sad. We need to end our state's regressive management policies, which are better suited for game farming than a place of bountiful wilderness.

Bill Sherwonit / Anchorage

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